Custom Machine Guarding

From medical equipment to robotics systems and more, businesses depend on performance-ready, safe, and efficient machines. However, hardware failure and operational accidents can occur, which can not only lead to workplace injuries but also cost your business time and money. Although businesses can take certain precautions to protect employees, OSHA regulations and other safety standards require the use of proper machine guarding.

By investing in custom machine guarding, you can protect machinery from failure while preventing risks to operators and employees. At North American Safety Products, we offer a range of custom machine guarding capabilities to deliver the ideal solution for your particular needs.

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Custom Machine Guarding

Benefits of Custom Guarding Equipment

Machine guards serve as a barrier between workers and machines found in warehouses, plants, factories, and more. Machine guards can also prohibit unauthorized individuals from entering closed areas, contain flying debris, and control traffic.

Custom machine guards can be made in various shapes and sizes to provide a physical barrier for controlling a machinery environment. These guards are typically required to comply with OSHA, NFPA, and ANSI standards for machine handling and safety.

Custom machine guarding equipment delivers the following benefits:

  • Improved Security.Machine guards can limit entry points and access gateways. They can deny access to individuals not possessing the appropriate credentials to prevent contact with sensitive or dangerous machine components. Data centers and crucial electronics hubs can benefit from the improved security of machine guarding, as they play a vital role in physical system security and information security.
  • Reduce Risk of Accidents.Occupational hazards can be caused by operator errors, falling objects, and stray rags. Custom machine guarding, like metal panels or screens, can limit contact between the machinery and workers or objects. A suitable machine guard reduces occupational injuries and costly claims.
  • Streamline Production. Optimized production creates increased profit for data centers, manufacturers, and other organizations. Properly placed machine guarding creates an optimized workflow and facility layout by minimizing hazardous areas.

Custom machine guard solutions minimize safety risks, prevent downtime, and optimize productivity. The proper machine guard can serve as an ideal investment to support your business goals.

NASP’s Custom Machine Guarding Capabilities

North American Safety Products’ sales team and engineering professionals have the experience to assist clients in creating machine guarding solutions from CAD drawings. We have extensive and constantly growing production capabilities, allowing us to deliver the highest quality products with exceptional customer service. Our products can be custom designed to meet your specific facility needs, and we offer pre-made guarding solutions in a “build your own” kit.

North American Safety Products has more than 25 years of experience delivering the leading machine guarding solutions to manufacturers and facilities worldwide. Our products are engineered and made in the USA for optimal efficiency and ease of use to improve your customer and employee safety initiatives while complying with OSHA standards.

North American Safety Products has an extensive line of products, including our REAR-GUARD®, RESTRICT-GUARD®, and VERSA-GUARD® systems. These systems are available with the following customizable features:

  • Direct attachment to the machine frame or a standalone post system
  • Flexible stainless steel mesh
  • Machine control interface
  • Military-grade nylon fabric mesh
  • Safety interlock switches
  • Pre-wired cable and switch assemblies
  • Inside and outside frame options
  • Mounting posts with switches and hinges
  • Custom or OSHA standard colors
  • Locking Roto-Latch option
  • Restrict-Guard integration
  • Trolley rail system option
  • Portable or temporary guarding options
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Machine guarding plays a crucial role in employee/public safety as well as complying with strict industry standards. When you partner with North American Safety Products for your custom machine guarding equipment, you can choose from products like REAR-GUARD®, RESTRICT-GUARD®, and VERSA-GUARD®. As a leader in custom machine guards, we can customize the ideal solution for your particular needs while adhering to the appropriate safety standards. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities, or request a quote today.