Bollard Post & Pallet Rack

Bollard Post

Superior Protection

Protect and Prevent damage to valuable machinery or physical structures.

The safety and security of heavy 14 Gauge thick steel protects your assets indoors or out.  Posts are mounted on 1/4” thick steel plates that are pre-drilled (3/4” holes) for easy installation. 

Powder coat finish in safety yellow color provides for high visibility and lasting protection. Available in the following Heights: 36″, 42″,48″, 60″ Base plate 8″x 8″. Accessories available: Welded eye for chain.

Why would you need safety bollards?

By positioning Bollards throughout warehouses in various places, it will contribute significantly to the safety of those employees working in the environment. A few benefits of having them implemented include:

  • Bollards divert traffic away from high-collision areas, when properly installed, helping to reduce and limit the risks of an accident.
  • Bollards also take on the role of being visibility barriers between pedestrians and drivers, beyond just traffic flow.  Bollards are made to withstand impact and protect pedestrians from the vehicles themselves. For this reason, North American Safety Products recommends metal versions as the first choice for facilities with high traffic flows, restricted vision, and heavy loads
  • Bollards can also assist in increasing the aesthetic appeal and appearance for properties that require sectioning or extensions. With various heights, there’s plenty of options to choose from, allowing you to find the right look and feel for your specific needs.


Heavy Duty Manufactured Facility Safety Bollards

Top-line safety bollards, manufactured in the USA

We recommend getting in touch with the team at North American Safety Products to understand the various advantages bollards can have for your business.

With extensive solutions our knowledgeable team can support you in achieving the best approach possible.

Secured Rack Enclosure

Secure your current pallet racks with wire mesh fitted security enclosures. Contact our safety solutions team with the size and/or dimensions for all your pallet rack security needs.

Floor L Bracket – 48″

Prevent forklift damage to racks, machinery and inventory.

  • Extra heavy-duty 3/8″ thick steel.
  • Line up end-to-end for longer runs.
  • 5″ high to protect against forklift damage.
  • Powder-coated OSHA yellow stands out for safety.
  • Anchor bolts included.

Guarding (Low Profile)

End of Rack Protectors
46” x 3” x 5”
Choose Right or Left