Accordion Gates

Accordion gates and expandable gates and barriers

Many industries use accordion gates to provide security and limited access to certain areas. Accordion gates keep pedestrians and employees safe by providing a barrier from hazardous areas or preventing unauthorized access to specific areas. Manufacturing and warehouse facilities are the most common users of accordion gates, but now retail and commercial buildings, home improvement stores, airports, and government buildings also use accordion gates for various purposes.

Accordion gates come in a wide range of styles to serve this range of potential applications. Learn more about each type of gate, common applications, and more.

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Accordion Gates

Accordion Gates Explained

Accordion gates, also known as folding security gates or scissor gates, are aluminum or steel gates designed to close or lock off specific areas. They secure doors, hallways, entrances, and more while maintaining air circulation and visibility into the area. Accordion gates come in a variety of colors and can be combined to secure almost any size opening. Common commercial and industrial uses of accordion gates include:

  • Crowd control
  • Blocking access to hazardous areas
  • Restricting unauthorized access
  • Theft prevention
  • Extra security
  • Temporary maintenance, repair, or construction work

Accordion Gate Applications

Various settings rely on accordion gates to protect and barricade areas. The different types of accordion gates are designed to fit specific applications. Some of these applications include:

  • Aisle Gates: Aisle gates secure or limit aisle space to prevent unauthorized access past the gate.
  • Barrier Gates: These gates provide a barrier to control access to certain areas, such as those under construction, cleaning, or repairs.
  • Single Fixed Accordion Gates: These accordion gates secure smaller openings to provide a basic level of security.
  • Double Fixed Security Gates: With a double door design, these accordion gates secure larger openings to provide a higher level of security and controlled access to areas.
  • Folding Door Gates: Folding door dates are used to secure doors to prevent unauthorized access to a room.
  • Portable Scissor Gates: These gates are for temporary security with a portable design, allowing for easy movement to different locations.

Accordion Gate Industries

Accordion gates are used in commercial and industrial settings to secure and barricade areas as needed. The following industries commonly use accordion gates:

  • Retail: Retail stores use accordion gates to secure merchandise and prevent theft.
  • Warehouses: Warehouses across various industries use accordion gates to secure inventory and control access to certain areas.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing facilities use accordion gates to secure machinery and control access to potentially dangerous areas.
  • Government/Municipalities: Accordion gates are an ideal solution for government and municipal buildings by providing an effective barrier system for pedestrians while maintaining the building’s aesthetics.

North American Safety Products (NASP) offers versatile accordion gates that suit the needs of these and many other industries.

Learn More About NASP’s Accordion Gates

With the many types of accordion gates available, facility managers have a wealth of options to choose from depending on their specific barrier needs. At North American Safety Products, we provide a comprehensive line of modular accordion gates and expanding barricades to meet the dynamic needs of commercial and industrial customers.

In addition to NASP’s stock accordion gates and safety barriers, we provide custom-designed accordion gates. Our in-house engineers will work with you to create the best solution for your needs with a product quality you can trust. With safety gates proudly made in the USA, NASP is here to help improve your safety programs and maintain OSHA compliance. Contact us or request a quote for accordion gates for your facility.