Outdoor System Protectors

Restrict-Guard® Outdoor Diamond Protection



Outside Facility Asset Protection

Anti-Theft and vandalism cages protect any residential or commercial unit, while providing a service friendly feel for HVAC technicians.  Sliding Door and Swinging Door options.  Optional top cover or optional 6′ + height to keep intruders outside. 

Our Security features are easy installation, easy access for routine maintenance, and easy removal for more invasive repairs or replacement of the complete air conditioning unit.  Low to the ground framing to keep debris from building up.


Our outdoor security systems can be custom-made for your business.

Commercial and Residential Out-Door Security Products




Outdoor system protection is manufactured from high strength diamond mesh for maximum outdoor protection.


Just like any other piece of equipment or machinery that you maintain inside your facility, it’s important that you protect your commercial HVAC out-doors system from theft and damage. There are many valuable components within HVAC systems that make them attractive to thieves, just as there are many potential sources of damage that you should be aware of.

Flawed option: Install a video camera?  This may only allow you to identify the person that just removed your unit.

Restrict-Guard® Theft Protection

Thieves are mainly opportunistic criminals: they’ll only strike when the best opportunity presents itself. So, if you don’t implement proper precautions for your HVAC system, its risk of being stolen increases.

But why would someone want to steal any part of an HVAC system in the first place?

Valuable components: HVAC systems have components that can be harvested and sold for recycling or spare parts. Recycling companies and junk yards, for example, often buy copper coils from HVAC systems without asking about the source. The heat exchanger unit in your HVAC system has particularly valuable copper coils.

Restrict-Guard® Out-Door System Theft Protection System

Installed around the external part of your out-door system to protect it against impact damage, such as from hailstorms and falling tree branches. Doing this will also protect it from theft, which is the most common cause of damage.