Safety Platforms & Stairs

Bridging Safety with Productivity


ErectaStep’s endless combinations are fit for YOUR workplace, as all it takes is 5 components bolted together to bring OSHA compliant safety and easy installation flexibility to your workplace. Our 5 components include:




Fast & Easy, Made in the USA, OSHA Compliant


ERECTASTEP is pre-engineered and OSHA compliant, with only bolts for a quick and simple installation. Due to no fabrication steps needed, ERECTASTEP is easily repurposed and low maintenance.

The entire lineup of our stairs are compliant with the latest OSHA safety standard 1910.25. It is as simple as you order, we protect.


ERECTASTEP On The Go – Portable & Mobile Safety

Purchase from both IBC & OSHA compliant portable staircases that include:

  • High quality powder coated galvanized steel and aluminum
  • 7 sizes from 28″-63″ (71.12 cm – 160.02 cm)
  • Adjustable leg heights for varied grades



Need help knowing what you need?

Request a quote today and receive a digital illustration from a custom configurator tool to make sure your workspace is as accurately utilized and provides visualization for your work environment.