Wire Partitions


We offer 5 types of systems to choose from:

  • One (1) Sided – Mainly used in door frames such as cinderblock rooms where a wire panel is needed instead of garage door application or sectioning off a large space but the ability to observe the entire room.
  • Two (2) Sided – These can be set up in corner of a room.
  • Three (3) Sided – These systems can be mounted to an existing wall support.
  • Four (4) Sided – This system style created an entire enclosure that is free standing.
  • Five (5) Sided – This system allows a mesh roof application if ultra-security is paramount. This can be used with 2, 3 and 4 sided systems we offer.

We have created industry solutions for the following: IT Storage, Warehouse/Distribution Centers, United States Government and US Military, Schools/Universities, Convention Centers, Hotels and Casinos, Construction sites, Retail/Grocery Store Chains, Manufacturing Planes, Architectural firms, Parking Garages.

Steel & Metal Storage Cages

North American Safety Products offers the ultimate products for manufacturing or personal storage facilities. You can select the storage cages from our standard kits, or you can ask us about the made to order storage cages. We have a wide variety of storage ideas and solutions for your all kinds of need for storage ranging from a simple security cage to a large parking space storage locker. We also have steel cages for storage, wire storage cages, metal cage storage, basement storage cages, garage storage, etc.

Building Access & Driver Cages

As COVID 19 has taught us, there can no longer be the free entering of facilities by truck drivers, delivery people, and other unauthorized personnel. Those that now enter your facility can pose an insurance and safety risk, and most companies are now asking for people to sign in prior to entry. North American Safety Products offers Building Access & Driver Cages to prevent unwanted walk-ins that put your employees at risk. Whether a building visitor is looking for someone to sign a ticket or just looking for a restroom, they should not be wandering around your factory floor so a custom Access & Driver Cage may be best suited safety item for your facilities entrance.

Cylinder Cages

Our Gas Cylinder Storage Cages are heavy-duty, relocatable goods stores that are designed for the restraint, protection and transport of various gas cylinder sizes. They are commonly used within a number of industries, including manufacturing, construction, hospitality, medical, maintenance and warehousing.


Basic Modular Wire Mesh Panel and Post System

Modular protection and access control to sensitive work zones and equipment. These systems can be installed in a wide variety of configurations or designs depending on your needs. Our panel systems are very user friendly. Integrates well with our Rear-Guard products.

Ecomm Kits