The main arrival and departure area in any facility for truck, trailer, or van pick-ups and deliveries is the loading dock. It could be your facilities most overlooked hazard area.

Typically, trucks, forklifts and workers are moving in tandem and are instrumental to the loading and unloading of materials and equipment, while also receiving and shipping out pallets or packages to your customers in this most hazardous area that is ignored.

Each loading dock presents numerous safety issues which can be mitigated.  Some basic examples can be that open loading docks are exposed to inclement weather and debris blowing onto the loading dock floor which creates a slipping hazard.  Also, open air loading docks have a drop-off where no visual protection is set as a warning, basically leaving a blind safety hazard in the dock area where one can easily fall with a major injury result.  However, all loading docks carry inherent safety risks which make them dangerous.

We at North American Safety Products are here to provide you loading dock safety to enhance your corporate safety program.


North American Safety Products LOADDOX-GUARD®


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LOADDOX-GUARD® Fall protection systems.

LOADDOX-GUARD® is designed to protect from falls on loading docks. The system allows for normal overhead door and dock operations.

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Features and options:

  • 200lb load bearing
  • 4’, 5’, 6’ height options
  • 8’, 10’, 12’ standard width options
  • Custom width openings are also available
  • Wall or post mounted
  • One direction or center-meeting opening
  • Does not hinder dock operations


  • Conforms to OSHA Fall Protection criteria when properly installed
  • Maintains low guard area when expanded
  • No end pinch points
  • Heavy-duty aluminum and steel construction
  • High-gloss powder coated finish
  • Customizable colors (OSHA standards, DOT, etc.)

Loading docks present fall hazards in any facility. Having the right safety protocols and equipment in place, however, makes such accidents preventable. At North American Safety Products, we design and develop safety solutions that make it easier to comply with OSHA requirements and protect employees and shipments during loading and unloading tasks. Learn more about our LoadDox-Guard® system and how it reduces the risk of accidents to improve operations.

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LoadDox-Guard® Explained

Often an overlooked safety concern within warehouses and a variety of industrial and commercial facilities, loading docks can be hazardous environments. Workers can trip and fall from unprotected dock edges during loading and unloading operations, or palletized and otherwise unsecured loads can tip over, leading to injuries and damaged goods.

North American Safety Products’ LoadDox-Guard® is an innovative and efficient safety solution for loading bays within virtually any industry. Users can install our durable loading dock gates along a dock’s edge, and the impact- and wear-resistant system will serve as a protective physical barrier separating trucks from the dock.

We designed the LoadDox-Guard® system with convenience in mind, allowing businesses to install and operate it easily, improving safety without causing operational disruptions. This product allows for ventilation and also promotes visibility. Our LoadDox-Guard® includes reflective strips that work in low-light environments, enabling workers to see the edge of a dock and avoid falls over the drop-off. We provide both standard sizes and custom options so customers can have the right-fit safety solution for every loading dock or related application.

LoadDox-Guard® Applications

LoadDox-Guard® is a versatile safety solution that is applicable for both fall protection and securing loads. Common uses include the following:

  • Warehousing and storage: Warehouse and storage facility operations need safety solutions that optimally protect on-site workers and can secure product loads. Operators can use LoadDox-Guard® to hold palletized and stacked goods in place so they won’t shift around, tip over, and sustain damage. Not only does this retain product quality and reduce waste, but it protects workers from accidental injuries.
  • Construction sites: Construction site workers can use loading dock safety barriers to keep machinery and building materials in place during storage and transport. LoadDox-Guard® will secure goods like lumber, piping, and scaffolding as well as heavy equipment for maximum protection while reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Industrial use: The LoadDox-Guard® system stabilizes and secures loads and equipment in industrial environments such as storage rooms and the workroom floor. Users can simply lock the barrier in place around drums, pallets, containers, and machinery to keep workers safe from injury.

LoadDox-Guard® Features and Options

LoadDox-Guard® is a sturdy safety solution that, when properly installed, conforms to OSHA Fall Protection criteria. We build our LoadDox-Guard® products from heavy-duty steel and aluminum for long-lasting strength and reliability, with every LoadDox-Guard® having a load-bearing capacity of 200 pounds. It has no end pinch points, maintains a low guard area when in use, and will not hinder dock operations. The guard comes in a high-gloss powder-coated finish, with custom color options for adherence to OSHA, DOT, or other regulatory standards.

LoadDox-Guard® products are available in a range of additional options, including:

  • Height: 4, 5, or 6 feet
  • Width: 8, 10, or 12 feet (with custom widths available)
  • Mounting: Wall or post options
  • Opening: Unidirectional opening or center-meeting openings

LoadDox-Guard® From North American Safety Products

LoadDox-Guard® barriers safeguard staff against fall hazards in docking stations, helping mitigate risks and protect businesses. Since 1995, North American Safety Products has specialized in durable and adaptable safety solutions, designing and manufacturing barriers and structures that minimize workplace accidents and help assure OSHA compliance without getting in the way.

Our products are made in the USA and range from our LoadDox-Guard®, Rear-Guard® machine guarding, and the flagship Versa-Guard® expandable barricade to safety matting, barrels, cones, and vests. Contact us to discuss our versatile LoadDox-Guard® barriers and related systems, or request a quote today.

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Our product lines are made in the USA and engineered for ease-of-use- and efficiency, to improve your pedestrian and employee safety programs.