ErectaStep Stairs

ErectaStep’s stairs are effective and safe for all work place environments that easily connect to other ErectaStep components. ErectaStep’s stairs, made in the USA, provide a configurable solution along with stability and durability.

Potential models of ErectaStep’s stairs include:



ErectaStep’s stairs are manufactured with a patented technology, using high-precision laser to bend aluminum and remove a need for welding. Standard sizes are 26″ wide with a 9″ rise, along with stamped treads to ensure strong traction to prevent slips or falls. The stairs provide OSHA compliant or IBC certified staircases for your workplace to warrant protection for users.

Durable Metal Stairs

  • 26″ inside walking surface
  • Heights up to 15′ available
  • Meets OSHA’s 1000 pound point load requirement & 9 over 9 rise run regulation
  • Slip-resistant stamped aluminum treads


Crossover Platform Stairs

  • Provides a safe passage over areas with potential obstructions, danger zones, or other hazards that needs to be navigated
  • Can create a 12′ clearance crossover stairway passage by bolting 4 platforms and tower supports on each end.
  • Crossover platforms are easily created and customizable to fit your specific workplace needs.


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