ErectaStep Ladders

ErectaStep’s ladders are built to support any application, for any job. The ladders allow workers to safely access areas that are unfit for stairs and partnered with other ErectaStep components.

The ladders:

  • Come in eleven sizes, for 1 to 11 steps
  • Simply bolts into any ErectaStep platform
  • High quality powder coated in safety yellow
  • OSHA compliant
  • Lightweight, yet heavy-duty and durable aluminum
  • Made in the USA









Why ErectaStep ladders?:

  • OSHA reports that almost 40% of workplace deaths are due to falls in 2014. ErectaStep’s ladders are safely and strongly attached to other components, which creates a stable and safe way to use ladders in a workplace environment that complies with OSHA requirements
  • Ready to assemble out of the box: Instructions and wrench come prepared for you to install in minutes
  • Long service life: High quality material and powder coating creates super durable, along with less maintenance costs over time; Laser technology crafted
  • Proudly made in the USA

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