A Comprehensive Line of Guarding Safety Products


Founded in 1995, Marty Mobeck created North American Safety Products with one product, the Original Versa-Guard®.

VERSA-GUARD® is a professionally designed, highly portable, highly versatile, expanding barricade. It is highly visible, convenient and complies with safety regulations, weighing only 25 pounds, commonly known as “Safety on the Ready”.


There was not a Home Improvement Store, Metro Station, or Manufacturing Facility that a Versa-Guard® would not be found blocking an aisle.

It was through many years of success with the renowned and branded Versa-Guard® that additional products were the next step of our company evolution.


Today, North American Safety Products second generation Nicole Pfeiffer & Jim Pfeiffer have built a versatile product line off the Original Versa-Guard®, turning our company into a machine guarding & perimeter safety industry leader with the Rear-Guard® & the LoaDDox-Guard®.


The Rear-Guard® & The LoaDDox-Guard®

Our North American Safety Products evolution began when Nicole & Jim Pfeiffer engineered the Rear-Guard® as an expandable/retractable machine guard option that is unique to the manufacturing marketplace.  Allowing floor to ceiling access to prominent machine areas.

The introduction of the Rear-Guard® machine guard system to the manufacturing industry was an alternative to the standard industry machine guarding option that was historically a wire mesh panel system, which allowed only limited accessibility to various machines and robotic units.

The North American Safety expandable machine guarding concept had found a market that kept employees safer, while OSHA inspectors approved of the freedom that operators now had, without being caged in- or-out by a wire mesh panel system.  They also noted ease of maintenance and house keeping duties that were commonly prevented by a wire panel system.

The Rear-Guard® maintains visibility and provides floor to ceiling access that a panel system does not allow.  It is fully customizable as a machine guarding or perimeter guarding system.  The Rear-Guard® is also fully customizable for additional accessories such as stainless steel wire mesh or a military grade nylon cloth to prevent flying debris to protect workers.  It also allows for a welding curtain accessory.  Our products are light weight, fast to install, and have no end pinch points.

All of North American Safety Products cross-slats are made from round edge extruded aluminum, with a powder coat finish, with no end pinch points, making our products the smoothest operated gating systems on the market.

North American Safety Products offers our own wire mesh panel systems as our branded Restrict-Guard®.  Our Restrict-Guard® panel system and can be used as a hybrid unit with the Rear-Guard® system creating a complimented addition of guarding.


Jim Pfeiffer has spent years doing on-site safety assessments and facility reviews, and over the years has always brought to our clients attention the most overlooked facility hazard area that has always been overlooked– —The loading dock.

Loading docks are the main arrival and departure area in any facility for truck, trailer, or van pick-ups and deliveries.  Each loading dock presents numerous safety issues which can be mitigated by the LoadDox-Guard® visibility and ventilation.  In the loading dock area trucks, forklifts and workers are all moving in tandem and this hazardous area is always ignored.

The LoadDox-Guard® was designed to provide ventilation, visibility and security on the loading dock.


Over the years, we at North American Safety Products have completed many on-site & corporate facility safety assessments, and we always bring with us the knowledge and other offerings that benefit all of our fine customers.

This has allowed us to form long lasting relationships with the highest quality, and respected industry leaders in various fields and broaden our product lines to include Anti-Fatigue Matting, Entry & Exit Non-Slip Floor Matting, Safety Safety Switches and Controls and our line of domestic Traffic Cones and Barrels.  We are pleased to broaden our products to offer these items.


For over 20 years we at North American Safety Products have upheld our promise to deliver the highest quality safety barrier solutions that protect people and keep businesses running safely. We will continue to offer a full line of safety solutions for machine guarding, fall protection and pedestrian traffic control, as well as vehicle barriers, temporary and portable expandable barriers, and much more. 

We work towards our customers satisfaction by always offering additional help or additional services as our founder instilled,  “No matter what you are doing, you can always do it better”.





Custom Designed and Manufactured Safety Barriers

When stock safety barriers won’t get the job done, custom solutions may be required. Utilize our experienced in-house engineers to plan and design safety structures ideally suited for your environment, or engage us to manufacturer barriers to your specifications. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to fabricate a wide range of custom safety barriers that are unique and appropriate to your needs, while ensuring product quality and timely delivery.


Internationally proven, adaptable solutions for all of your facility safety needs.

Trust North American Safety Products to help you improve your employee and customer safety programs and maintain OSHA compliance with our complete line of quality safety solutions, proudly Made in the USA.