Work zones and facility obstructions are hard to protect effectively.  Let North American Safety Products create a safer work zone to keep the flow of traffic moving for you.  Our line of barrels, cones, and stanchions will keep people and workers safe.

Cones and Cone Bars

Traffic cones are used to define the pathway in which either pedestrian or vehicular traffic are required to navigate in order to safely travel through, past and around the work area. They should be spaced in a manner so as to discourage entry to the work site by either pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Construction Barrels

Construction barrels are traffic control devices used to channel motor vehicles through construction sites.  Construction barrels are typically bright orange and have four alternating white and orange reflective bands.  

Rubber bases are sold separately to prevent the barrel from tipping over during high winds or when struck by a vehicle.


Designed to be lightweight, portable and all weather resistant for both indoor and outdoor use. Some typical applications for our plastic stanchion posts include valet parking lots, safety zones, crowd control, visual barriers, decorative barriers, weddings, car shows, festivals, and art shows.