North American Safety Products Creates Affordable American Made Gating and Guarding For Every Industry, Every School, and Every Government Building and Is Made in the USA.

In a world of regulations, rising insurance premiums, and out of pocket settlements for slip and fall accidents, companies are looking for a low-cost solution which can be utilized as a preventive pro-active measure to keep their customers and employees safe. The product that has been time-proven and shows the most economical and successful results to safety has been the Versa-Guard ®.

For over 27 years North American Safety Products has been a leader in providing gating and barrier solutions across the nation, and for over 27 years they have made the highest quality product, made from the finest American Made Materials.

Versa-Guard ®

Founded in 1995, the public has found the Versa Guard ® is the most practical, economical, and visually preventive barrier for everyday use. The compact unit weighs 25#, and when compacted closes to 17”and carries like a toolbox, yet upon opening, opens to a full width of 11 feet wide, 36” high for a visually perfect preventative.

Versa-Guard® Features

  • Sets Up in an Instant
  • Original-Versa Guard ® Expands to Over 11 ft.
  • Extra Wide Versa Guard Expands to Over 15 ft.
  • Available with Stationary or Caster Feet
  • Compact Frame Design is Easy to Transport
  • 25# and Nests for Storage
  • Compliant With Safety Regulations
  • Reduces Accidents with a Heightened Visibility Warning
  • Made In the USA
  • All OSHA Standard Safety Colors Available

“Made in the USA has been one of the most important features of the Versa-Guard ® as so many knockoffs, of a much lower quality, have been produced by China and other international competitors that has made it into our market that is already domestically competitive in cost. The poor quality of the overseas product is noticeable to the consumer once they remove it from the box.” said Nicole Pfeiffer President

Our American Made Versa-Guard ® has been used by NASA, Ford Motor Company, US Steel, MGM Resorts and Casinos, Home Depot, Disney, O’Hare Airport (Chicago) and hallways across the nation in our schools and other facilities of higher learning.

North American Safety Products is located in Mokena IL. and can be contacted at or by calling 1-800-475-6946 to speak to one of Gating and Barrier Specialist.


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