Securitgate Guard™ 6True security begins outside your business. SECURITGATE-GUARD™ creates an additional barrier to keep out crime.

SECURITGATE-GUARD™ provides increased security

When miscreants are looking for businesses to break into, they are looking for easy targets — those that will take them under a minute to break into. Those looking for trouble will take one look at your business and move on to another victim whose business is less secure. 


The stand-up SECURITGATE-GUARD™ unit is built to keep students and visitors from walking down unopen and unwanted hallways during school events, protecting classrooms and offices from unwanted visitors.

SECURITGATE-GUARD™ is perfect for securing any kind of door, window, hall, or entryway in any type of business or industry. 

  • Doors
  • Windows 
  • Hallways
  • School or University Security
  • Retail High Traffic Entrances 
  • Retail Entry Security Gates
  • Apartment Entrance Ways 
  • Churches and  Synagogues

SECURITGATE-GUARD™  Installation is adaptable to be mounted from the left or right side of your window or doors and can be installed in under 30 minutes.

Product Applications

Our product lines are made in the USA and engineered for ease-of-use- and efficiency, to improve your pedestrian and employee safety programs.