3RD Eye Analytics AI Industrial Surveillance Software and Cameras

Industrial surveillance cameras provide an additional layer of protection, safety, and quality management to facilities that incorporate them into their existing systems. North American Safety Products (NASP) specializes in developing state-of-the-art safety products and solutions that industrial and government organizations can rely on.

Our 3RD Eye Analytics solution, powered by the Vaidio® AI Vision platform, is built to provide fast and accurate analytics capabilities in every context: factory floors, industrial assembly lines, lights-out facilities, high-security power plants, and more. The system can inspect products for quality control, monitor worker safety with real-time alerts, and provide extra building security through unmanned or partially manned monitoring.

Benefits of AI Industrial Surveillance Cameras

The benefits of artificial intelligence software and surveillance cameras are as varied as their potential applications. Some of the key benefits our clients have experienced are:

  • Increased Worker Safety: Manufacturing video surveillance cameras can monitor hazardous, restricted access, and other potentially dangerous areas, whether they’re restricted 24/7 or only during certain scheduled periods. If an employee is too close to these areas, the cameras can then automatically trigger an alert to security, floor managers, or the personnel themselves.
  • Surveil and Protect Off-Limits Areas: Whether you have security needs, logistics concerns, or building management protocols that require certain areas to be off-limits, AI industrial surveillance software and cameras can help. They can restrict access to parking structures, specific rooms or floors, or entire buildings using facial and license plate recognition technology.
  • Detect Intrusion 24/7: AI-powered cameras and software can detect the presence of potential intruders with high efficiency and accuracy, automatically informing security personnel within less than 2 seconds of detection.
  • Product Tracking and Counting: Using QR code detection, warehouse cameras can monitor key equipment, items, and product shipments throughout the entire facility so you can record their movements as needed.

AI-powered surveillance systems eliminate manual inspections of hours of video. Over time, facilities that implement 3RD Eye Analytics systems will benefit from increased compliance with regulatory requirements, fewer claims and injury reports, and more cost-effective management.

AI Industrial Surveillance Camera Applications

AI industrial surveillance cameras can improve operations in virtually any application. Some popular applications for our systems include:

Manufacturing Facilities

Plants, mills, factories, and distribution centers can incorporate manufacturing security camera solutions to improve operational efficiency in the following ways:

  • Monitoring inventory
  • Increasing personnel safety
  • Improving communications
  • Optimizing delivery and handling of materials, in-process components, and final products

Event Venues

Event venues can also use AI surveillance camera systems to provide extra levels of security, monitoring, and equipment tracking during large events.

Government Sector

Because AI surveillance cameras can gather and interpret data in real time, public administration and government organizations can use data from multiple video sources to make accurate, timely decisions regarding security and logistics concerns.


Hospitals also rely on the tracking of people, products, and equipment to keep everyone safe. AI surveillance cameras can track or monitor patients, track the movement of protected goods through the facility, and protect against potential intrusions in restricted areas.

3RD Eye Analytics AI Industrial Surveillance Cameras by NASP

AI-powered industrial surveillance cameras and software go far beyond security to give industrial facilities, warehouses, government organizations, large venues, and hospitals more information about their operations and act in real time to prevent security risks, injuries, and product loss. At NASP, we’re continually developing safety solutions that help facilities optimize their prevention, reporting, and response processes.

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The result: a safer environment that protects workers and goods, and optimized flow of materials and inventory in facilities of any size.

Video Search

Eliminate the need to manually inspect hours of video for objects or persons of interest with our intuitive and easy-to-use
natural language interface.

The core abilities include:

  • Object Search
  • Vehicle Search
  • People Search
  • Animal Search

Our deep learning video analytics are not based on computer programming. Instead, they are trained based on
Artificial Intelligence neural networks.


Open platform enables plug-and-play connections, automated workflows, and online access to every IoT sensor & device.


Works with new or existing IP camera networks and video infrastructures to support re-use and reduce unnecessary capital investments.


30 à la carte AI video analytics functions (and counting) to meet the needs of every user. Multiple analytics can be applied to a single camera.

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