An expanding safety system that protects workers

REAR-GUARD is a professionally designed, custom, expanding machine guarding system that reduces worker exposure to hazardous situations around the perimeter of machinery and manufacturing.


Infinite Applications

The REAR-GUARD system can be deployed anywhere that requires secure perimeter guarding. Made to withstand harsh work environments.

Safe, Economical & Effective Guarding 

Constructed with sturdy steel and aluminum, the REAR-GUARD system is highly visible and meets all OSHA requirements. Can be designed to halt operation of equipment for quick, safe access to machine components and alternately prohibit access during operation. These features prevent injuries and increase production time.

Typical REAR-GUARD uses include guarding everything from press brakes, coil feeds, robotic tube bending cells and we have designed football field sized industrial machine setups or larger with ease.

Features & Benefits

  • When closed, Rear-Guards allow FULL UNOBSTRUCTED floor to ceiling access
  • Completely customizable
  • Pivots for immediate floor-to-ceiling clearance
  • Crane and forklift passage
  • No end pinch hazard with offset pivot and slides
  • Meet OSHA requirements
  • Mounting posts and brackets have many configurations
  • Quickly folds to a compact size. No tools required.
  • Reduces maintenance time and minimizes set-up.


Design & Materials

  • Sturdy steel and aluminum construction
  • Available sizes are 3, 4, 5 & 6 feet tall
    width is made to order – no limitations on single unit width openings
  • Durable, high gloss powder coated finish
  • Wide selection of mounting brackets and posts
  • Rugged aluminum expansion frame
  • High visibility safety color (yellow/black) Standard – all OSHA and custom colors available


The REAR-GUARD system can be designed for your custom setup. REAR-GUARD integrates by design with our RESTRICT-GUARD panel systems to create unique perimeter systems, offering less limitations in space constraints.

REAR-GUARD can also be integrated with safety relay controls, safety interlock switches and lockout/tag out provisions.

Can be designed as a portable unit, used to set up temporary guarding systems quickly and easily. These can also be fitted with switches or controls all while being portable systems.

We offer 3 curtain options for added protection, including flexible stainless steel mesh, military grade fabric and orange welding curtains. See “Accessories” below for details.



Curtain Attachments for Added Protection

We offer 3 curtain options; including Flexible Stainless Steel Mesh, Military Grade Nylon Mesh and Welding Curtains. 

Military grade fabric curtains maintain flow-through ventilation, and visibility for monitoring operations, and prevent hands and fingers from entering the guarded area.

Stainless steel mesh curtains maintain flow-through ventilation, and visibility for monitoring operations, capture flying debris and prevent hands and fingers from entering the guarded area.
Orange welding curtains attach directly to the REAR-GUARD barrier, and close with the guarding eliminating the need for overhead rails.


Available Options

  • Attaches directly to a machine frame or stands alone with posts
  • Trolley Rail mounting systems 
  • Extra wide Trolley systems with no center mounting posts required
  • Interface to machine controls
  • Lockout/tag out provisions
  • Safety interlock switches or Manual locks
    Multiple Lockout/Tagout points
    Prewired switch and cable assemblies available
    Power lock options available
  • Inside frame options
    Multiple sizes for minimum side opening and clearance with machine components
    Bracket secured to mounting plate at 90 degrees
  • Outside frame options
    Attaches to side of machine frame for back guage clearance
    Bracket secured to mounting plate for 180 degrees
  • Mounting post options
    10” square mounting plate with gussets for maximum strength
    Multiple sizes conform to 4, 5, and 6 foot tall sections
    Configured with hinges, switches or both