Safety on the Ready

The original and safest portable expanding barricade on the market

Proudly Manufactured in the USA, VERSA-GUARD is our incredibly portable, expandable, free-standing barricade system that is ready to use in an instant. Manufactured with sturdy aluminum and steel, VERSA-GUARD is used globally to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents, protect workers and pedestrians. 


  • Set up in an instant
  • Original Versa-Guard Expands to over 11 ft wide.  Extra wide Versa-Guard expands to over 15 Ft wide
  • Available with stationary or caster feet
  • Create custom configurations without tools using interlocking end posts
  • Compact frame design is easy to transport and nest for storage
  • Compliant with safety regulations
  • Reduce accidents with a hightened visibility warning



Incredibly Portable Design

The compact 17” frame weighs only 25 pounds and carries like a toolbox. It expands to over 11’ in seconds, without tools and presents a clean, professional look. When the barricade is no longer needed it will nest for easy, efficient storage.

  • Manufactured with sturdy steel and recycled aluminum construction
  • Available height – 36” or 48″
  • Compact 17″ frame expands to 11′ or 15′ (available)
  • Professional looking, high gloss powder coated finish
  • Available in all OSHA, DOT, NRC colors
  • OSHA Color Combinations
    • CAUTION: Safety yellow and black – Part numbers VG-1000, VG-1000-C, VG-1015, VG-1015-C, VG-1048, VG-1048-C
    • WARNING: Safety orange and black – Part numbers VG-2000, VG-2000-C, VG-2015, VG-2015-C, VG-2048, VG-2048-C
    • TRAFFIC: Safety orange and white – Part numbers VG-3000, VG-3000-C, VG-3015, VG-3015-C, VG-3048, VG-3048-C
    • CONFINED SPACE: White and red –  Part numbers VG-4000, VG-4000-C, VG-4015, VG-4015-C, VG-4048, VG-4048-C
    • RADIATION: Safety yellow and magenta – Part numbers VG-5000, VG-5000-C, VG-5015, VG-5015-C, VG-5048, VG-5048-C
    • HIGH VISIBILITY: Fluorescent yellow and black –  Part numbers VG-6000, VG-6000-C, VG-6015, VG-6015-C, VG-6048, VG-6048-C
    • (custom colors & combinations available)



  • Signs and sign hanging brackets – Part Number VG-1010
  • Flags and flashing lights  
  • Non-marking casters with brake – Part numbers VG-1030, VG-2030, VG-4030, VG-6030
  • Fixed position locking bar – Part number VG-1050
  • Floor mounting brackets
  • Wall mounting kits – Part Number VG-1065 and VG-1070