Creating Your Safety Game Plan

Thinking Outside the Box

No matter what product type, size or configuration you require in a safety solution, North American Safety Products can provide it. In addition to offering a wide array of products, we do everything in-house — from planning and designing to building and creating complete custom solutions— so you can count on our unparalleled quality and customer service from start to finish.

Maybe you can solve your safety problems with standard products in standard sizes and standard colors. But what if you can’t? Then you need the expertise and experience of North American Safety Products! Our professionals, unlike those in the majority of safety product companies, are dedicated to delivering the best safety solution to each client, and that often means thinking beyond stock products, sizes and layouts.

Planning Your Next Move

Once you decide that you need new or retrofitted safety products and/or systems in your workplace, what do you do? You can look at safety products online or in a parts catalog, but how do you know they’re the right products for you? Do you need expanding barriers or a modular system? How high should your barriers be? How and where should you install your products?

Even when you know which type of product you need, there are many factors to consider before purchasing. While cost, materials and degree of protection are important, the most critical factor — and the one you may be forgetting — is the suitability to your particular situation.

We Help You Work Smarter

An experienced North American Safety Products professional is happy to work with you to recommend the best products, customizations, options and accessories to protect your employees and your worksite. With decades of planning experience under our belt, we know all the best ways to protect people from industrial accidents and are creative in designing and manufacturing our safety products in diverse settings.

You can rest easy knowing that we have planned and designed durable safety products in a wide range of work environments, including manufacturing facilities, retail stores, chemical plants, parking structures, educational institutions and many, many more. Chances are, we’ve dealt with clients who have needs similar to your own. But don’t worry — when it comes to our clients’ businesses, all projects are strictly confidential.

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