Less by Accident Than by Design

Design Assistance Is Readily Available

The skilled professionals at North American Safety Products have the knowledge and experience to design safety structures that are ideally suited to your unique situation. In fact, we can modify practically any of our safety products or systems to meet your needs.

We understand that while common layouts and products work for many businesses, there are exceptions. Some facilities, machines, floor plans and safety issues simply don’t conform to the “usual,” and that’s when our design and layout services come into play. We can add features to existing systems, reconfigure our products or integrate various systems in a totally new way to fit your application.

Comprehensive Design Process

When you come to North American Safety Products for a custom design, our designers kick off the process by listening closely to you, so they can determine the optimal safety solution for your circumstances. We find out who or what you need to protect and design an innovative, easy-to-use product, system or configuration that does exactly what you want it to do.

We utilize proprietary design software that was developed for us alone — no other firm has this powerful software. We prepare detailed drawings using your specifications and requirements before ordering materials and manufacturing your products. Need another, similar system or product to meet your increased demand? Don’t worry — all designs are kept on file at our office for future reference.

Our Team Delivers Safety

Whether you need to install protection equipment at a new or existing facility, North American Safety Products is your safest bet. We deliver high-quality, professional-looking products that maximize safety and minimize accidents — your way!

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