Safety Barrier Assessments

Protect Workers from Machinery Hazards

Is Your Workplace Safe?

Safety should be an integral part of every business, but how can you be sure you’re providing the safest environment for your employees and customers? The project engineers at North American Safety Products can assess your current situation and recommend improvements, whether you’re designing a new facility or re-evaluating your program.

OSHA requires that employers provide a safe workplace for employees, and machine risk assessment is an important first step. We can conduct a professional, on-site machine risk assessment to evaluate your equipment, identify risks and recommend effective safeguarding solutions to reduce hazards.

Protective Gate surrounding equipment

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard!

Our REAR-GUARD® expanding machine guarding safety system was designed specifically to reduce worker exposure to hazardous situations by securing the perimeter of machinery and manufacturing areas. This product offers safe, economical and effective guarding of machines and components by prohibiting access during operation. Our guarding system meets OSHA requirements and can be configured to best meet your needs.

REAR-GUARD® is commonly used to guard press brakes, coil feeds, robotic tube bending cells and even football field-sized industrial machine setups. It can also be installed on loading docks. Curtain options are available to added protection, and the system can be integrated with safety relay controls, safety interlock switches and lockout/tag out provisions. With REAR-GUARD®, you won’t be caught off guard!

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