Safety Assessments and Recommendations

Take Advantage of Our Safety Consulting Services

Conducting periodic workplace inspections — and acting on them — helps you move closer to your goal of zero accidents. But you can’t do it all by yourself! You need a team of professionals with extensive safety experience to point out your facility’s potential hazards and recommend the right products and layouts to address them.

North American Safety Products has the expertise and skills to recognize safety problems and offer optimal solutions — whether with in-stock inventory, products built to your specifications or a fully customized safety system. And while our products are designed to be easily installed, we recognize that you may need some assistance, and we’re ready to help guide through the process.

Two Types of Consulting Service Programs

If you need help in identifying safety threats or you have complex needs, call North American Safety Products in to consult. We offer two programs to meet your needs: (1) a straight-fee based consultation, and (2) service consultation with a reduced fee when you purchase a system.