A cost-effective modular perimeter protection system

RESTRICT-GUARD is a modular hard guarding panel system with a comprehensive range of components. Constructed with a highly visible mesh, the system reduces worker exposure to dangerous equipment in the workplace.

We offer a comprehensive range of panels, posts, access doors, brackets and accessories and safety interlocks.

RESTRICT-GUARD is a great solution for anyone using perimeter guarding including end-user manufacturers, warehousing OEMs and automation line builders.

The modular system is designed to suit a wide range of budgets and its quick and easy to install so you won’t lose valuable production time on installation.


Features & Benefits

  • Versatile
  • Comprehensive range of panels, posts, access doors, safety interlocks & accessories
  • Economical
  • Integrates well with the REAR-GUARD®
  • Easy to install

Designed For Multiple Applications

Comprehensive range of panels, posts, choice of hinges, sliding or swing doors and accessories.

  • All baseplates welded with 4 fixing holes for maximum strength
  • All welded Steel mesh panels and frames
  • Epoxy polyester powder finish
  • Gusseted Steel support posts
  • Customization for your application – color, size, style


Design & Materials

  • High visibility mesh design
  • Strong welded mesh joints
  • Smooth external surface


Available Options

  • Safety Interlock Switches
  • Special panels
    • Solid
    • Welding cells
    • Transparent
  • Access Doors
    • Single swing
    • Double swing
    • Sliding – lower track
    • Sliding – overhead trolley
  • Accessories & Locks
    • Overhead cable raceways
    • Access doors
    • Key locks