Although they’re relatively simple, traffic control products such as cones and barricades are some of the most effective equipment found in an industrial environment or entertainment venue. That’s because they are indispensable for protecting workers and the general public from hazardous places and situations. They also can be used to direct the flow of traffic through these areas, preventing accidents and improving efficiency. North American Safety Products, Inc. offers a complete inventory of this equipment for use in multiple applications. Common uses include workplace safety, crowd control and security. Companies working in the construction, processing, manufacturing and entertainment sectors can put our products to good use due to their versatility, quality and durability.

What We Offer

Our professional-grade traffic control products are made in the USA and feature all-weather materials. This enables them to be deployed in virtually any environment or situation. Our inventory includes:

  • Traffic safety cones — Our cones provide exceptional visibility in virtually all conditions. Their one-piece construction ensures maintenance-free usage. They also are available with reflective cone collars for added brightness.
  • Drums — These are engineered to withstand even the harshest abuse from the weather as well as the highway. Their innovative snap-on design allows the drums to be installed quickly and easily while locking onto the road as securely as possible.
  • Traffic barricades — Our barricades are constructed of outdoor-grade plywood with steel legs. They make ideal road barricades because they can be set up quickly and are extremely easy to see at night due to their highly reflective coloration.
  • Barricade lights — Made from high-density polyethylene for an extended lifespan, these units reliably warn people of nearby hazards. When used on construction barricades or for crowd control, their bright flashing lights alert workers and the general public to dangerous or restricted areas.


Choose North American Safety Products, Inc.

Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations in everything we do. That’s the principle we’ve lived by since 1995, and this is why numerous industry leaders such as Ford, NASA and Disney count on us. Not only do we dedicate ourselves to making the highest-quality products found anywhere, but we also strive to deliver exceptional customer service along with our extended warranties. Everything we make is manufactured with pride at our facility in Mokena, Ill., using only American-made materials. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients, no matter their size or needs.

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