Switches And Controls

Without controls, industrial environments cannot operate safely. Workers need a way to instantly stop or limit mechanical processes to ensure that people and equipment are protected. Power surges, accidents and carelessness all can lead to situations in which machinery must immediately be shut down. In other cases, certain machines need to be safeguarded against workers accessing them while they are in operation. Although proper training and safety procedures are essential, switches and controls provide an extra layer of security. North American Safety Products Inc. features a wide variety of safety switch, limit switch, safety alarm, emergency stop button and safety relay solutions. Our suppliers are some of the most trusted manufacturers in the sector, including Allen-Bradley, Keyence, BTI and Schmersal.

Enhancing Safety Protocols

Our switches and controls can benefit factories, processing plants, warehouses and any other facility in which heavy machinery is employed. They can provide additional safety and peace of mind by automatically shutting down equipment and processes if a potentially dangerous situation occurs. For example, an interlock switch added to the expandable barrier cordoning off a hazardous machine can kill power to the equipment if the gate is opened. This would prevent workers from accessing the area while the machinery is operating.

Another common application is for a switch to instantly cut off power to equipment in the event of a malfunction, overload, electrical surge or other occurrence that could put employees or systems in danger. Such a switch could keep machinery from running after a mechanical failure and potentially endangering the operator or equipment. The extra measure of control these switches offer make them indispensable in many industrial settings including manufacturing, mining, construction, and oil and gas. Whether they require input from an operator or activate automatically, these controls can save lives as well as downtime and repair costs.

Choose North American Safety Products Inc. for Safety Switches and Controls

As a recognized leader in the industrial safety market, our knowledge of control systems and equipment is second to none. Our experienced technicians can work closely with you to fully understand your needs and guide you to the precise solutions. We’re proud of our partnerships with some of the top names in the business, which means you can be certain that whatever you buy from us will be of the highest possible quality. We stand behind all our products and work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations. Whether it’s for an industry giant such as Ford Motor Co. or a smaller company, we always go above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction. 

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