Expandable Barriers

A safe workplace is a productive workplace. That is why protecting workers and the general public from safety hazards such as sudden drops, slippery floors and dangerous machinery is so important. These dangers can occur almost anywhere and at any time in industrial facilities and other locations. Fortunately, North American Safety Products Inc. has a wide array of expandable barrier products that can be deployed instantly in virtually any situation. With our line of folding security gates, employees and pedestrians can be kept clear of potentially hazardous conditions. 

A Safer Working Environment

 An expandable barricade can serve a variety of purposes within a production facility, warehouse, construction site or any other setting where unsafe conditions may occur. A warehouse may use an accordion gate to cordon off an aisle where a forklift is being used to retrieve a pallet. A scissor gate may be used in a parking lot to control the flow of traffic. Factories may utilize folding gates to restrict areas where hazardous materials are being used or where machinery or large equipment is operating. Expandable barriers also can be deployed for crowd control during concerts or sporting events. 

No matter how they are used, our barricades offer numerous advantages. They are lightweight, durable and highly visible. Because they can be folded, they are easy to store and transport. Their expanding design enables crews to set them up in an instant without tools, making them indispensable for situations in which a quick response is needed. Their interlocking end posts make it possible to arrange them in custom configurations to fit almost any environment. We also offer our expandable barriers in numerous OSHA color combinations, so you can match the product to your precise requirements. If for any reason you can’t find a system that fits where you need it, we can work with you to create a customized system.

Choose North American Safety Products Inc.

Our systems can be found in countless facilities and settings. Our numerous clients include Ford Motor and U.S. Steel as well as Disney and Caesars Palace. We’re proud to say that everything we manufacture is made in the U.S. at our state-of-the-art factory in Mokena, Ill., using only domestic materials. We stand behind our products, and our experienced staff works hard to exceed every customer’s expectations.

To learn more about what we can do to make your people and property safer, reach out to us today.